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I love storytelling. 

Cinematography, directing, filmmaking: anything which makes you feel something. I am constantly creating stories which really challenge and inspire people.


This is my passion, and this is what I do.

I am a senior member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society). I have shot over 50 documentaries in countries such as Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Morocco, Australia, United States, India, France, England, Japan, South Africa and more. 


Awards & Nominations:

The Towns We Lived In (2016 Short Film): Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor
- Best Short Film at 2017 Christian Film Festival
- Best Actress at 2017 Christian Film Festival
- Best Fan Voted Soundtrack at 2017 Christian Film Festival

Postcards From Japan (2015 Short Film)
- Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer

A Period Piece (2014 Short Doco)
- Official Selection to Indiegems Film Festival
- Winner of Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at Indiegems Film Festival

Boxhead (2014 Short Drama)
- Winner of Best Cinematography at the Focus Screen Awards 2014

The Tent (2014 Sci- Fi Short)
- Both Writer and Director (Offical entry into Mudfest 2015)

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