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Varicam LT Review

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dual iso, cinematic image

Varicam LT EF with a Zeiss Contax lens.

Panasonic's Varicam series of cameras have been around now in the cinematic marketplace, however it seems it has taken a long time for them to be used by major feature film companies. Because of Netflix's 4k requirements, which has made it impossible for filmmakers to use the Alexa series of cameras for their narrative work, cinematographers have looked for alternative cameras to shoot their works. That's where the Varicam comes in.

“I think the image of the Varicam cameras sits in-between the look of the Alexa and Red .”

I think some of it's best work is in the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" and the film "Death Note". Recently I saw a screening of Crazy Rich Asians in the theatre and it amazed me just how similar to the Alexa the camera looked.

Dual Iso

It is true that the camera's biggest selling point seems to be it's dual iso feature, however I haven't been fully sold on it's "noice free" claims when shooting in low light. It seems there is still noise in the image and it is best not to underexpose at all when shooting at 5000 (#varicam #dualiso #cinema).

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